Marketing:  Delivered successful initiative resulting in a positive ROI of 4.5 to 1 for a major health system.

Leadership:  Management, employee service programs, hiring & training to up to 60 employees including multi-site multi-state operations.

Innovation:  Transformed an organization’s culture and established standard operating procedures leading to the highest consumer satisfaction scores in locations 14-year history…within 3 months. 

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Our first healthcare client in 1990 was Medical Systems Development Corporation providing brand and sales management, operational development and physician fee schedule consulting.  

Since then, over 60% of our clients have come from the healthcare industry.

Offering services from physician recruitment to clinic operations, staffing, marketing, health & 
wellness program development to situation analysis…Sarcastic Lion, LLC is your healthcare solutions partner.

Your solutions partner making what you do better, So you can focus on what you do best.

Healthcare has been in my blood for over 40 years. As the son of a physician, I have grown up in the industry. Since 1992 I have been providing healthcare management and operational solutions for medical groups, opticians, dental offices and delivering physician recruitment services. Situational analysis and evaluations of programs, departments, staffing, operational initiatives, marketing and employee relations to large health systems and one provider offices as well.

Be surprised by our results, costs and ability to see what you have missed.

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Healthcare:  Coordinated recruitment activities for 17 medical facilities.  Recruited 40+ medical providers.

Operations:  Directed entire operations of a 10 site medical group located across 9 states with annual
revenues exceeding $10 million.

Cost Management:  Within the first 4 months effectively identified and implemented cost-saving measures resulting in anticipated annual savings of $30K for a local medical facility.

Innovation:  Increased patient volume by implementing unique physician-employer workforce health and wellness program.

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Sarcastic Lion, LLC is a Michigan based limited liability corporation.

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