Sarcastic Lion, LLC is a Michigan based limited liability corporation.

Just looking for some insight, help, ideas or feedback? 

Sarcastic Lion analyzes what you have done, are about to do and have planned for next year. 

This is a great way to find out if what you are doing is a yes, no, maybe or forget it.

Signature Solutions:  Marketing Director

Employee Services Solutions:

Our mission is work with your organization as a team member, department head or trusted marketing solutions partner.  Creating new and inventive solutions for your organization rooted with one goal in mind…making what you do better so you can focus on what you do best.

Signature Solutions:  Marketing Evaluations

Signature Solutions:  Marketing Coordinator

Employee services programs start with tailored recognition, retention, health and wellness initiatives that increase productivity and morale.  It is crucial to maintain a healthy workforce in a competitive business environment.  Investing in your human capital can be the difference between success or failure.

As an Employer Relations Specialist and Certified Employee Services Professional, I have provided health and wellness program consulting and development to over 50 of Las Vegas' largest employers.  

If your company’s goals are to contain health care costs, reduce absenteeism or improve morale and productivity, sarcastic Lion can design a program specific to the health risks within your workforce.  


The “Marketing Coordinator” (MC) program was developed for those organizations who want to
concentrate on their business and not answering media or advertising sales calls. 

We handle all the calls, so you can handle your business.  Provides a highly trained Marketing Coordinator for your business The MC answers all media, advertising or marketing related inquires or phone calls.  Provide reports on what marketing opportunities presented are best with recommendations and actions steps

Your solutions partner making what you do better, So you can focus on what you do best.

Providing business, product and service management for specific departments within 
your company is how we work.  We can be contracted full time or as little as 10 hours a week to help you manage your problems and opportunities.  

With strong concentrations in marketing, product development, customer service and departmental operational development, Sarcastic Lion is the perfect solutions partner.

Sarcastic Lion is skilled at managing startup to multi-million dollar operations, single or multiple locations and interacting with key decision makers. An efficient business strategy organization able to accurately assess complex customer needs and deliver innovative solutions.

Designed for the small to mid-sized company without a Marketing Director. Sarcastic Lion
becomes your in-house marketing director and department. 

We work directly for you to research, create, implement and manage all your advertising, public relations and marketing initiatives.

Provides your organization with a full or part-time in-house Marketing Director.  Providing leadership, development and implementation of marketing initiatives.